Zubair Mohsin

App ideas for Shopify App Challenge 2021

These ideas are driven from chat in ShopifyDevs Discord Office Hours where we were joined by three merchants to help us with app ideation.

Guests included:


Sourcing hashtags based on brand and products and overall theme - Kitikoso, Taur


Customer Loyalty App

Minimalist or at least highly customizable Customer Loyalty app. Outside of points, discounts, and gifts - it would be best case scenario if I could initiate communication with my loyal customer base via the app - laurenbutler


(mirvise from Discord already working on it)

Great! The reason I ask is because we are working on a shopify app that will allow merchants to automatically plant a tree for every purchase made on their store , and support reforestation. I am trying to understand if its important for merchants - mirvise


Automate the BFCM campaign related things.

on 2 different BFCM I discounted all my products. Added an announcement bar, added a banner image in the homepage carousel, and had to manually change the pricing of all products and their variants in that table that allows to do the crossed price. I wished all of this was like a thing that you set up once in one place (like a BFCM specific page, dashboard or something) and then switch it on and off or maybe even set a specified date and time - Kikitoso


Easily memorizable discount codes.

I've used them, but I don't really like how long and hard to recall they can be. It would be cool if we could toss in a couple words into a discount app and then the app uses those variations of those words and some numbers to create the random codes that are more on brand and easier to recall - Kikitoso


Discount codes are text only. Make them more easier for buyers like Links, QR codes.

Additionally. Discount codes right now are typed text only I believe? Is there a way for them to be used more easily by the buyer? a link, a qr a code? something that doesn't require them to remember or look back at text and type it in - Kikitoso


Efficiently getting GS1 barcodes and assigning them to lots of product SKUs.

If you're a store that uses GS1 barcodes (https://www.gs1.org/standards/barcodes) for your products, and you have a lot of products — it's a huge pain to get GS1 barcodes for all of your products and associate them with each SKU in your shop. GS1 released an API pretty recently that would facilitate this though - Shyane (Shopify)


Advanced search for Products/Orders in Shopify Admin

Partial SKU searches with specific advanced rules about "begins with", "ends with", these kinds of things are also commonly requested — there are a couple questions a month on the forums about searching through product data with more advanced rules and filtering - Shayne (Shopify )


(hai from Discord already working on it I guess)

how do think about an app that create a specific sale page? Listing all discounted products. Do you think that can make buyers can easy decide to buy? - hai

could be helpful. That way the merchants can promote that specific link without having to do big changes to their other pages and revert back. Although I guess is good to think how a user that lands there and navigates away perceives the rest of the store and knows how to get back to the sales page - Kitikoso

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