Zubair Mohsin

Company Projects

  • Rokit

    Rokit is a URL Shortener web application built with Laravel and Livewire, TALL stack. It provides Analytics about the shortened URL, Retargeting Pixels, UTM Tracking and much more.

  • Qartext

    Shopify Application built with Laravel, Inertia.js, React, Polaris. It helped merchants send scheduled SMS to customers who abandoned their checkout with discount offer. Vonage SMS API was used to send SMS. Building balance credits for merchants was quite challenging for me.

  • Shopfunnel (Closed because of Legal Issue)

    shopfunnel.com was a platform meant to help clickfunnels users manage their orders and fulfillments. It was built with Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap. A multi-tenant application with separate subdomain and database for each customer. Had my first experience with load-balancing. Company had almost 20 paid customers on the launch day 🎉

Freelance Projects

  • Wow Sale Effects

    Wow Sale Effects is about adding animated icons to Shopify store. Maximising the ability to grab attention for the current message: Whether it is a sale, new products, holiday event or any other event merchants want to promote.

  • Fulfillment Doctor

    Help merchants with email alerts on their preferred day and time to know about delayed fulfilment in Shopify. Even let the end customers know that there delivery is late for some reason specified by merchant.

  • Pixel Hook

    Pixel Hook is a Shopify app which enhances Facebook Pixel Analytics by sending custom events and additional data with pixel.

  • GDPR Helper

    GDPR Helper is a Shopify App which lets Merchants to quickly make their store GDPR compliant. It creates necessary pages of legal information with options for customizations.

Personal Projects

  • Unfollow (WIP)

    Bulk unfollowing on Twitter, Made Easy!
    Building this project with the TALL stack.